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Who We Are

Plugged In Pictures is an L.A. based video production company run by writer/director Bryan C. Watkins.

We take the time to make sure we understand your needs and try to exceed them throughout the filmmaking process. 

What We Do

We employ talented people to help you create powerful videos that communicate your story.

We're a full-service production company and do everything from developing the concept to color correction on the final edit.

How We Help

We strive to act with integrity and put in the time and positive energy to make every  video outstanding.  

People like to watch stories, and we like to tell stories with our videos. Because of this we have over 10,000,000 video views online.

Stars of The Night - ESTICOandGRIFF

Groove - Oiki

The Dolphin (Trailer)

Client Feedback

Toni Price, LBCHC

The video is truly amazing. It touches on everything important and it an actual video that people wanna watch! Again can’t believe you were able to get that out so fantastic and quick! We will forever be grateful!!

Judy Davis, Asst. League of L.A.

WE LOVE IT!!! The video is fabulous! You guys did a wonderful job and we are very happy. It is what we wanted and worth every penny to us! To give us a final video in 10 days is amazing. Your skill and dedication are very much appreciated. Thank you sooooo much! We are sooo happy and made three times the video budget in one day! 

Vanessa Hidalgo, The Compassionate Clown Company

Wow– there are seriously no words to express how I feel about the film you created! It made me and the room full of people laugh, cry, and feel inspired to make the next move, whatever that is in life. You are incredibly talented at storytelling.  Thank you for delivering as promised. Truly a work of art!

Billy Hines, Arcady

This is SO DOPE!!!!!!! So amazing! Super stoked! Really appreciate the hard work and effort! 

Nicole Abraham, Gap

Thank you! We appreciate you and your team being so personable, professional, and creative. Every apparel video you've made for us has won awards!

Mark Boeder, Total Merchant Services

Great job! Everybody loves the videos and we are getting awesome reactions! 

Whoa! - Oiki

Groovv Flex Commercial

Drama Kings Trailer

Arcady clothing

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To discuss your project please contact us!

We strive to be honest and transparent, and to bring positive energy and excellent results.